Preparing to live on a fixed income doesn’t have to be stressful.

At PieCapital, we serve as your personal CFO, so that you can spend more time living with your wealth than managing it.

Did you know?

The average financial advisor works with 143 clients.

We're Committed

Our firm was built to serve just 50 families, so you get direct access to an advisor who is fully committed to helping you achieve financial peace of mind.

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Focused On You

Like many financial advisors, we could have chosen to focus our energy into client acquisition. But bigger doesn’t mean better. That’s why we’ve built a boutique firm, designed to provide high touch, personal service to our existing clients, not chasing new ones.

You've worked hard to get this far. Let us help you manage your finances, so you can focus on what matters.

Our boutique wealth management firm helps you:

  • Plan your ideal retirement income and lifestyle.
  • Ensure a smooth transition when you sell your business or retire.
  • Create an estate plan that secures your legacy.
  • Provide for family and other important causes.
  • Relax, knowing your finances are taken care of.
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What Matters

  • Clients First

    We don’t have outside investors, sales quotas, or quarterly earnings to meet. We are unbiased and unconflicted. Our charge is to deliver on the commitments we make – and we do that from the same side of the table as our clients.

  • Bias For Action

    We're on offense all the time. We listen. We respond. We anticipate. We follow up. We do not stand still.

  • Lift As We Climb

    The opportunity to do meaningful work for our clients is a privilege, and it is one that isn’t lost on us. We give back by showing up in our community to help those around us become better financial citizens.

  • More Than Stocks & Bonds

    We’re in the relationship business. With our colleagues, clients, and partners, we treat people the way they want to be treated – and we expect the same in return.

We're here to drive results with your Money.

Will Revels Piecapital

“My goal is to help you turn your
balance sheet into peace of mind.”

Meet your partner in wealth management

Hi, I'm Will Revels, a West Point graduate turned wealth advisor. For over a decade, I have helped transitioning business owners and retiring executives develop clear strategies to achieve their financial goals.

By nature, I’ve always been a planner, but my experience as an Army officer and helicopter pilot in Afghanistan sharpened those skills. It also taught me to manage risk, and the importance of honoring the commitments we make.

Managing other people’s money doesn’t typically involve life and death, but you are managing someone’s life savings. That’s why I make it a priority to understand what matters most to you, whether it's retiring early, leaving a legacy, or anything in between.

I’ve intentionally designed PieCapital to be deeply relevant to our small client base - meaning you get direct access to an advisor who can adapt your plan through life’s changes.

Getting Started Is Easy

Schedule Your Preflight

Your preflight call is where you'll share your background and learn how we work with select clients on their retirement goals.

File Your Flight Plan

If we're a good fit, we'll have you complete a risk assessment, so we deeply understand your situation before making recommendations.


After assessing your risk, we will have a customized proposal call outlining the financial strategies we recommend for your top 3 issues - with no obligation to move forward.

Our Guarantee

We stand behind our commitment to deliver exceptional service. If within 90 days you don't feel we're the right fit, we'll refund your management fees, no questions asked.

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